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About Bell Nursery

oldnursery2Bell Nursery is an innovative company focused on growing great quality flowers and seeing their care through retail.  Two industry-leading programs - the Growers Network and dedicated in-store merchandising team have set the standard for greenhouse expansion and retail partnership.

Bell's Growers Network is made up of 35 family farms who invested in greenhouses and began growing flowers for Bell Nursery as our company expanded and required additional growing space.  These independent owner-operators have diversified their income, reduced risk, and added substantial annual income, while growing fewer than 6 months a year.  Their hands-on approach to growing has led to even better quality flowers that are locally grown and reach retail within just a few hours of leaving the greenhouse.  

Once the plants reach The Home Depot, Bell's merchandising team is on-site to take, set and sign the deliveries, and care for the plants until they are put into customer shopping carts.  These purple shirts are also available to answer customers questions and provide plant selection and care assistance.  

The two programs, combined with owner focus and leadership have led to Bell success in the industry and marketplace. The company continues to grow at a rate of more than 10% a year, and offers more than 900 seasonal garden center positions each spring.  

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Environmental Strategies

Bell is often asked about our environmental strategies and sustainability efforts. We are farmers and the environment is of the utmost importance to us. We are its stewards day in and day out and we strive to do the right things everyday for the benefit of future generations.

Sustainabilty Statement
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